About Minnee

Jasmin “Minnee” Tate has loved hip hop since she was five years old and heard her mother rapping for the first time. Though she was an athlete for most of her young life, she always loved finding new artists and analyzing their style. When she was seventeen, she began interning at Hot 97 in New York and in less than a year was hired by the Hip Hop giant. As a Street Team member, she and her colleagues curated youtube series, mixtapes, and cyphers. During the five years at Hot 97, Minnee rose from Street Teamer to Promotions Coordinator and on to managing some of the hottest Hip Hop DJs such as DJ Martian.


Minnee left the birthplace of hip hop for the dirty south in 2015. Once again, her hustle rose her from Street Teamer to Content Creator for DJ Bootleg Kev. After Bootleg Kev decided to take his talents to Los Angeles, she began writing blog posts for Joey Franchize 'Papi Shampoo' and doing her on air segment “Minnee Tells it All”


She currently blogs for various entertainment websites like Hot 97's New MVMT and SharifDking.Com, writes articles for Revived Magazine while booking talent for a local podcast’s interviews and consulting artists on their craft and brand.


Minnee is a Hip Hop renaissance woman with a passion for the innovators of the genre while appreciating the new school trailblazers. She has an ear for music: play a sample track and she can tell who the original artist once and all the samples spawned and or inspired from it. She lives and breathes Hip Hop, understanding the history and journey. Minnee is a major movement.

"I live for this. It's not about the money & fame for me - That's all secondary to me. I love finding new music, seeking & helping to break new talent, & hearing new punchlines...