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21 Savage Is Facing Felony Warrant

Just days after being released from ICE custody and heading home to Atlanta, sources say 21 Savage is facing a felony warrant.

As we previously reported, ICE believes 21 is a convicted felon and is finding every which way to prove just that. Although last year drug charges were expunged from 21’s record from an incident from 2014, it seems as though the past has come back to haunt the Atlanta rapper once again. TMZ has learned that in 2016, 21 Savage was booked for a club gig is South Georgia and received an advance from the promoter of $9,500 and then received the balance of $7,500 when he arrived at the venue.

Reports say that 21 bailed once he received the remaining balance before taking the stage but didn’t return the money. So the promoter is out $17,000. Following the incident, the promoter went to the cops in October of 2016 to file a report and the paperwork for a felony warrant for theft by deception. Although the paperwork was filled out and completed, it sat in the sheriff's office for two years collecting dust.

TMZ sources say, following 21 being picked up by ICE on Super Bowl Sunday, the club owner decided to pursue the criminal case. The promoter called the sheriff's office to pick 21 up on the warrant and it seems that this is exactly what ICE needed to move forward with their case as well. Sources close to 21 and his legal team told TMZ that he plans on going to the sheriff's department in the next day or so in an attempt to clear up the matter.

Another lawyer of 21, Abby Taylor, tells TMZ,

"Mr. Joseph has committed no criminal offense. We look forward to an amicable resolution between the parties in the near future with no criminal implications whatsoever."

It's obviously critical that the case is dropped, because a felony could torpedo 21's chances to stay in the U.S. It could all go bad and down hill if the justice system doesn’t see 21 Savage as innocent in this 2016 incident. We are hoping all goes well. As the story develops we will keep you updated. Stay locked!

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