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21 Savage Takes A Private Jet To Atlanta For A Homecoming With Family and Friends

Out on bond from ICE, 21 Savage hopped on the first flight out to Atlanta. Enjoying his first day of freedom after 10 days of being locked up under ICE custody, Savage immediately hopped on a private jet to fly back home to the A.

Sources from TMZ caught a nice shot of 21 and his mother boarding the luxury plane on the landing strip near the immigration detention center in Southern Georgia where he’d been held since Super Bowl weekend. As expected 21 had a smile from ear to ear as he stepped foot on the jet to head home. His homecoming will be made up of friends and family in the ATL area.

21's lawyer, Alex Spiro, said, "That's how we take people home when they win."

Although 21 Savage isn’t completely off the hook as a free man, he is still facing a deportation hearing. His legal team, family, friends and supporters are fighting night and day for him. It seems as though the biggest problem is whether or not 21 has been convicted of a felony. In 2014, the “I Am>I Was” rapper plead guilty to drug charges which had been expunged last year so now there is no felony on his record. Unfortunately though, ICE still views 21 as a convicted felon. So now that 21 has applied for the U-Visa and the status is currently pending, they are holding onto the conviction as a means to indict him.

We are happy to see that 21 Savage is enjoying his time out on bond and we continue to pray that justice is served. We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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