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Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna Throw Hands and Drinks At Los Angeles Party

Oh this is ladies night … oh what a night…

Oh what a night is right! If you’ve been up scrolling on social media or just now logging on, you’ve most likely been witnessing the back and forth between Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna. The two apparently were at a house party in Los Angeles last night, and Alexis was minding her business until Blac Chyna ran up on her screaming in her face and proceeded to throw a drink in her face before things popped off between the two. Following the altercation, eye witnesses say Blac Chyna’s was bruised and bloody so Alexis and her friend were removed from the party for fighting.

Alexis then hopped on Instagram live to talk about the situation and how she’s going to wait outside and fight the owner and Blac Chyna. Through IG Live and Snapchat stories, the “No Tiffany” femcee goes on to say she’s not leaving LA until she sees Chyna, that Chyna is a crackhead, and more. It’s clear Alexis did not come to throw drinks and keep it pushing. As the shots continue to be thrown (no pun intended lol) we will keep you updated. Stay locked!

Check out the screen shots and IG Live below.

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