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Ariana Grande Gets Botched Tattoo and Twitter Reacts

Ariana Grande is currently holding down the No.1 spot in the country on the Billboard Hot 100, with her hot new single, "7 rings." To celebrate, she decided to get a new tattoo which fans know she has an affinity for. Unfortunately this time it may have backfired. Her new “Kanji” tattoo placed on her hand has the Chinese characters “七輪” which in Chinese could roughly translate to "7 rounds" or "7 wheels." As per usual though, Twitter was on it and quickly pointed out that the tattoo was a several characters short of communicating its intended meaning. The true Japanese Kanji translation is "shichirin," which is a small barbecue grill, more commonly known to Americans as the “Hibachi-style” stovetop barbeque.

Grande hopped in on the joke herself after realizing the mistake. She responded on Twitter by admitting that she left off a number of characters in the translation because "it hurt like fuck" and that she "wouldn't have lasted another symbol."

“Indeed, i left out “つの指” which should have gone in between. it hurt like fuck n still looks tight. i wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. but this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if i miss it enough, i’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time. 🖤🥺”

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) January 30, 2019

She continues to fuel the laughter by mentioning that in fact she’s a “huge fan of tiny bbq grills” before deleting the initial post of her botched tattoo. To Grande’s defense, a Twitter user with the handle @tinytimes joins the conversation by providing a proper rundown as to why traditional Chinese characters can be found in the Kanji method and easily be mistaken.

It’s clear Ariana admires the Oriental culture, we’ve seen her implement their culture in her music before and her new album Thank U, next, features a small Japanese character obi strip on its cover, which is set to drop February 8.

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