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Beanie Sigel May Have Three Wives According To An Old Video That ReSurfaced

A video from last year of Philly emcee, Beanie Sigel has surfaced and has fans wondering about his current marital status. In a old clip of Sigel, the former Roc-A-Fella rhymer talks about his current view on the rap game and that he’s retired from rap. He goes on to express his feelings on how rap has sort of feminized itself with men doing “womanly” things such as rocking a “murse.” After one of his social media followers asked why he is falling back from rap, he replied.

“I have sons to raise to become men.”

Following his thoughts about the rap industry, he then switches his camera from selfie mode to film a trio of Muslim women who are preparing dinner. As he shoots a day in the life of Beanie Sigel, he mentions that he had to fall back to take care of his family and protect his women. Could this mean Beanie Sigel practices polygamy and has three wives?!

Take a look below to watch the clip and tell us what you think.

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