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Beyoncé and Ariana Grande Both Paid $4 Million For Coachella Weekend - Fans Still See No Comparison!

With the recent release of Beyoncé’s Netflix documentary, ‘Homecoming,’ it is evident that Queen Bey made a cultural impact on our society during her 2018 Coachella performance which was a defining moment in pop culture history - as if we needed a reminder. The performance was so memorable and paid homage to those who’ve paved the way for so many. Even after the breathtaking performance, reportedly Ariana Grande was paid twice as much for a lackluster performance this year.

According to Variety, Ariana was paid $8 million for her ‘Arichella’ in comparison to Bey’s ‘Beychella’ who was allegedly only paid $4 million. Since news broke and fans began to uproar about the Ari allegedly getting paid more for a lesser ranked performance, The Blast has reported that according to their sources each artist was paid the same amount for two weekends worth of shows—$4 million per show.

Which to fans still bears some cause for pause as there really isn’t a comparison between the two. Although Ariana can blow, her performance level, experience and stamina is no match for the Queen. Ponytail is talented, but Beyoncé she is not.

Stay tuned as we will keep you updated with this story as it develops.

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