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Beyoncé Shows Why She's The Black Bill Gates In The Making With $300 Million Stocks in Uber

The Queen Bey really knows how to stack her coins, a real black Bill Gates in the making!

Beyoncé recently released her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, where fans had a front row first look at the Queen’s tireless work ethic and hunger for greatness. Not only has she continuously proved her musical greatness time and time again, she has also proved her worth as a business woman. Like she said in her single “Upgrade U,” she can help you build up your account.

And I'mma help you build up your account (that's a good look) / Better yet a hood look, ladies (that's a good look) / When you're in them big meetings, for the mills (that's a good look) / It take me just to complement the deals (that's a good look) / And anything you cop, I'll split the bill (that's a good look)”

In the last few months, the multitalented songstress has continued to reveal her great business deals. As if the highly anticipated Netflix specials that Bey inked a big money deal with and her re-launch of Ivy Park with her new partnership with Adidas wasn’t enough - Beyoncé just pocketed $300 Million From Uber investments. Bey is truly a savvy business woman with fashion as she continues to show precise moves that are required to accumulate and sustain great wealth.

The large lump sum stems from stocks. The on-demand driving service, ran Beyoncé a fat check from her early investments in the company along with her hubby, Jay-Z who too, profited from his role as an early investor in the company back in 2011. While the music industry’s power couple constantly flex their financial literacy through their music, The Carters continue to profit off of the fruits of their wise financial decisions.

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