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Bhad Bhabie Locks In Makeup Endorsement Deal

2019 is kicking off with a whole lot of money bags for Bhad Bhabie. Fresh off the release of her new single, “Babyface Savage,” featuring Tory Lanez, she has now inked a deal a major endorsement deal with beauty company, CopyCat Beauty. Expanding her business empire, the “Catch Me Outside” teen turned mainstream rapper has secured the bag with a $900,000 contract to promote their products on social media. Included in this deal Bregoli gets a percentage of the sales and it’s duration is reportedly for six months.

The “beauty made affordable” beauty company, sells makeup kits, eye lipstick, brushes and other makeup products. With Bhad Bhabie’s 15 million followers on Instagram alone it makes sense for her to solidify this endorsement deal. Not only to rack in them coins early in the year, but to also rock a star studded face with affordable products on a daily. She isn’t going to be a makeup guru posting a “How - To” tutorial everyday, but she will be featuring their beauty products on social media and in her music videos. If all goes well, she can extend the endorsement deal another three years with the chance of launching her own beauty line.

Bhad Bhabie is rolling in the dough all year. This new opportunity follows after she recently signed a deal to be the face of Snapchat, stacking up almost $1 million on her 25 city tour, and her 2018 single “Hi B*tch” just went certified Gold! I guess now we can catch her in the back cashing in those checks for some big bank rolls...

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