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Bill Cosby Has Been Targeted In Prison While Serving 3 to 10 Years For Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby may be blind but from the looks of it, he has eyes everywhere! In the sky especially. According to TMZ, Pennsylvania Prison officials aren’t to pleased about an uninvited visitor to see Bill Cosby.

While incarcerated, Bill has to be escorted through the yard due to him being blind. While taking a walk around the yard, a drone was spotted flying over his home away from home. On the record, Pennsylvania prisons invested in drone detection services to up the level of sweeping security. Once the prison security detected the drone, the State Correctional Institute Phoenix was put under a 24 hour lockdown. Prison officials believe the drone was sent from a media outlet to capture a shot of the 81-year old actor while doing his bid of 3 to 10 years for sexual assault.

Although sources are unsure whether or not the drone got what it was intended to capture or if the mission was completed, but Cosby’s attorneys have been contacted regarding the breach. Could the drone be from a media outlet, Cosby’s team or an outside source from the victims or their families?! It’s still unclear but either way as the story develops, we will keep you posted.

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