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Blac Chyna's Mom Says Dream Should Be Taken Out Of Her Custody Until She Gets Her Life Together

Seems like the drama between Blac Chyna and her mom, Tokyo Toni is still very much alive and in full effect. Things sound like they have gotten so bad that now, Tokyo is suggesting that baby Dream is better off out of Chyna’s care. Tokyo believes that Dream should be taken out of Chyna’s custody and should stay with her disgruntled father, Rob Kardashian until Chyna tightens up and gets her life together. In a recent video from TMZ, Tokyo says “ It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see something is terribly wrong…”

Tokyo thinks with all of these recent incidents that have been in and out of the tabloids from her recent run ins with the cops arriving at her home and Chyna making it hard for Rob to contact her in moments of “distress” to her toxic relationship with Kid Buu, may have an effect on the childcare of Dream and her grandson, King Cairo. All though all of these stories have been found as speculation or corrective, it’s still creating a spreadsheet for law enforcement better yet child services. We hope that all works out for Blac Chyna and Dream and that the two aren’t forced to be separated from one another.

Check out the video below.

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