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Cardi B and Offset Are Reportedly Back Together After She Moves Back In Atlanta Home

Looks like Cardi B is going to have to drop her remixed “Motorsport” verse because close reports from TMZ say that the hip-hop couple are back together! Although it's only been two months since the two broke up, it feels like forever. Since the break-up in December, Offset has tried to win Cardi’s heart back with different gestures like gifts, vacations, and spontaneous appearances at her shows.

Sources say that Cardi is returning to her Atlanta home that she shared with her Migos lover before the split. Cardi has been teasing their rekindled relationship for a minute via subliminal and non-subliminal mentions online. Just last week the “Money” femcee took her Instagram stories to post “I wanna go home” with an image of Offset and their daughter Kulture.

It sounds like all that work he put in and all of the support and encouragement Offset received from his celebrity friends and family paid off. He’s proved himself to his wife, especially after their new rule of vowing no groupies and changing his phone number. His new line is strictly for his wife and business calls. During his Super Bowl appearances in Atlanta, Offset has to avoid attention from eager female fans in efforts to show Cardi how serious his is about their marriage. There’s a lot on the line during Super Bowl weekend not only for The Rams and Patriots, but for Offset too. We are glad to see that the two are no longer getting a divorce and are working through their marriage with “No Groupies Allowed!”

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