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Cardi B Spotted FaceTiming Her Bae Offset

Late last night, Cardi B was spotted touching down at LAX airport while FaceTiming her bae Offset and might I say, the two look happily in love all over again. Cardi was seen disguising herself under a black and yellow scarf, with her phone in her hand and a huge smile on her face. When asked who it was, Cardi responded “My significant other.”To no surprise, it was the Migos rapper on her screen.

The paparrazi then asked if she was FaceTiming her hubby on his new phone number, and she replies “He don’t got a new phone number… I never made him change it.”

Yesterday we reported that sources close to the pair confirmed that the two are indeed back together and that Cardi is returning to the Atlanta home that they shared together with Kulture before the break up in December. While Cardi is in Los Angeles, her baby fatha Offset is in Atlanta for his Super Bowl appearances and has vowed no groupies. Fans are excited the hip-hop couple are back together so we hope he keeps his vow that there won’t be any groupies this weekend for the sake of their marriage and Kulture.

Check out the clip below:

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