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Cardi B Teases "Please Me Video" With A Spin On Popeyes Jingle and Offset's Manhood In Mind!

Cardi B really knows how to tease a visual! The “Invasion Of Privacy” rhymer has put her own spin on the Popeyes jingle as she teases the upcoming visuals for her collaboration with Bruno Mars on “Please Me.”

As we know, Cardi is one of the most free spirited and care free celebrities in the industry, and although she values her privacy, she also doesn’t mind putting enough of it out there. In true Bronx fashion, she doesn’t care what comes out of her mouth and she did just that with her latest remix of the Popeyes jingle.

Cardi got all spicy and laced up in her finest lingerie as she laid down on the couch to deliver the announcement to her millions of followers that her video will available worldwide. She closed out with the reimagined Popeyes jingle with her hubby Offset on the brain. "Love that dick from Offset," sang Cardi before maniacally cackling. She really is a jokester and knows how to come up with new catchphrases!

The new video is out now! Are you looking forward to seeing what type of craziness and spiciness she will be bringing this time?!

Check out the clip below!

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