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Cassie Posts Picture Lip Locking With Mystery Guy

Just days after the passing of Cassie’s grandmother, Diddy takes to social media to share his love and prayers! As we know it’s lately been rough for the two considering they both have recently lost loved ones. Cassie and Diddy reunited- not romantically- when Kim Porter, Diddy’s ex and mother of his children, passed away and now Diddy is returning the support. Cassie also shared a heartbreaking message when mourning Kim. So even though the two are still broken up, they haven’t disappeared from each other’s lives. Through their separation and hard times dealing with lost loved ones, there is still no love lost between the two.

Today (December 29th), just six days after Cassie revealed the passing of her grandma Verna, Diddy took to Instagram to show major love to Cassie. Diddy posted to his Instagram story a black and white image of the singer/model/actress in a bubble bath, captioning the photo “I <3 Cassie” over her chest.

Although it was a beautiful gesture and something she needed during this tough time, I don't think it means the two will be rekindling their lustful relationship. We know that Cassie still loves her ex very much, it still doesn’t mean she will so quickly and easily take him back. The reason being, because only a few hours after Diddy posts his love for her, Cassie took to Instagram to share a photo over herself, her mother, and a mystery man that she is seen lip locking with captioning the post “I love you mommy.”

Since she posted the image, fans are questioning a hundred things! Questions like, “Could this mean there is no hope for Diddy and Cassie?” “Who’s this mystery man she’s seen kissing with in the photo?” “Is Diddy going to feel some type of way?” etc. We now know who this new guy is, bull rider and personal trainer, Alex Fine and we are glad to see Cassie happy with him during this tough time. We are sending our condolences, prayers, love & support to her and her family.

Check out the IG post below:

Check out some photos of mystery man, Alex Fine here:

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