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Chris Brown Switches Up the “Tempo” In New Futuristic Visual With His Bandits

Following Chris Brown and Joyner Lucas’ collab on “Stranger Things”, C Breezy switches up the “Tempo” with a new visual off last year’s, Heart Break On A Full Moon, which became certified platinum as of January. Just like with all of the videos off the 28 year old singer’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon to this point, Breezy’s latest vid is heavy on the choreography.

The futuristic visual features Breezy and his face painted posse cruising into town on what looks to be a levitating truck. Once Breezy and his crew make their way off the gravity-defying whip, it’s clear they came to do some serious damage to “Tempo Street,” as the milly rock all over the block.

The zombie esque crew brings excitement to the dull suburban neighborhood. Not only with their inspired look of The Mask, a zombie baseball player, a Mad Hatter-like thief out of Alice in Wonderland, and other contortionists, but also with a series of choreographed dance moves on Tempo Street before breaking into a home to terrorize the family inside with bats and nunchucks. After breaking in and stealing the jewels, Chris and his face painted bandits continue to show off their slick footwork throughout the house.

During the music video there are robberies, vandalism, and of course, some dancing. While all this is going on, we see the paper boy watching the madness unfold, to then later leave with Chris and his crew.

Overall, it’s a pretty entertaining video to add to Chris Brown’s recent collection of visuals. Watch below.

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