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Drake Delivers 'Care Package'

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Drake did it again and delivered a care package to his fans! The OVO head honcho released a surprise compilation album on Friday (August 2nd) titled, Care Package. It’s safe to say that Drake has had a very impressive summer thus far. Constant wins receiving accolades from sports to music. In 2019 alone, the Raptor’s global ambassador celebrated their championship win then released back to back music including his two-song EP, as well as his recent collaborations with Chris Brown and Rick Ross. As if that wasn't enough, Drake continues to show and prove just why he’s the 6 God.

The Promo God

The former "Degrassi" star represents the modern day rapper. He utilizes social media and streaming services not only to maximize his relevance, but also his coins. Staying consistent with back to back record breaking hits and using the internet to his advantage by flipping every meme of his, he maintains his relevancy.

The Canadian rapper’s latest release is a compilation of unpolished past material highlighting his run in the music game for the past decade. The 17-track collection consists of previously released one-off songs from SoundCloud and file sharing sites that didn't make it on to previous projects. For the last ten years those tracks haven’t been easily accessible outside of bootleg streams and downloads.

"Always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture..." - Drake, How 'Bout Now?

Leave it up to Drizzy to bring his fans on a ride down memory lane by releasing an album made up of only B-sides and freestyles. His re-gifted old material really came as a Care Package for fans. Drake is known to be a hell of a marketing genius when it comes to the entertainment industry. It seems that the objective of the album was to be both promotional and artistic. The release of Care Package came just in time to kick off Drake’s OVO Music Fest.

Recent Drake fans may not even realize that these songs aren’t new material. The tracks are in chronological order and when listened straight through each song seamlessly flows into the next. He demonstrates his distinct skill sets by singing, rapping, and boasting. Showcasing the little development between each track during that short time-span.

Care Package

Care Package includes “4pm in Calabasas” off of his infamous “AM/PM” series as well as some other fan favorites like “Days In The East”, “Trust Issues”, “Club Paradise”, “Draft Day”, and “Girls Love Beyonce”. The fact that he was able to successfully curate and release a standalone project made up of non-LP releases is confirmation of Drake’s stardom and his continuous status in hip-hop.

Drakin' & Drivin'

When listening to the project through and through, there’s something refreshing about the fact that most of these songs could lull you into a trance and in just a few moments take you back to that moment you first remember hearing the record. This new album is a gem to all of the longtime Drizzy fans and is the perfect release to keep fans calm as we await more new music from Drake.

Give Care Package a listen HERE:

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