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Dream Doll and 50 Cent Make Fun Of Her Embarrassing Moment in Balenciaga Crocs

As we know, 50 Cent loves to troll celebrities on social media and today is no different! His latest target was Gwinin Entertainment’s rising artist Dream Doll. Today (December 18th), the ‘Life In Plastic 2’ rapper took to her instagram to post surveillance footage of her falling while trying to make a fashion statement in her high-end Balenciaga Crocs. During a meeting with 50 Cent and some other elites, Dream Doll went to get up and leave, but instead she stumbled and dropped to the floor!

So you already know Fiddy couldn’t let her live that embarrassing moment down and took to social media to post funny memes about the incident. Thankfully Dream Doll wasn’t hurt from her fall and 50 did help her get up.

Click through slideshow to see Dream Doll tumble and 50 Cent’s hilarious memes below.

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