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Eazy E's Daughter Snaps On DJ Vlad Following Memorial Post

It seems as though the questions surrounding the circumstances of Eazy E’s death continue to be disputed to this day. Following a post about the late rapper as a memorial on DJ Vlad’s social media, Eazy E’s daughter, Ree, responds with her disapproval of the message. Referring to a poll on Twitter from Vlad, she goes off in the clip about whether or not Eazy caught AIDS from unprotected sex or was injected by Suge Knight. According to her, Vlad has been informed previously by family members on the situation and that in fact murder was the cause of death.

"I'm not even mad about the Suge Knight post like that because I'm like whatever it's not real, but for you to be posting my dad's obituary to say rest in peace, and then follow that by saying 'AIDS is real use a condom,' when he spoke to a few members of my family and knows that AIDS didn't kill my father, that s*** is pissing me off."

It’s clear from the video that Ree is highly upset as she calls Vlad a number of insults and goes on to explain the family’s side of the story.

Watch the full video below.

Vlad has since responded to his daughter explaining his intentions of the post while he still stands by his initial message. He also confirms that he has spoken to a number of family and friends of Eazy and continues to have the utmost respect for them. Even with that information he still has his own viewpoints that he stands by about the tragic passing of such an iconic emcee. In his statement he says:

"I recently made a post on @VladTV's Instagram about Eazy-E passing.In the caption, I not only sent my condolences but also talked about AIDS awareness. I stated that "AIDS is real" and people should use condoms, get themselves and their partners tested, use instant HIV test kits like Oraquick, as well as exploring HIV prevention medication like Truvada."

He doesn’t agree completely with the theory about Suge Knight or the CIA killing the ‘NWA’ rapper, but he closes out his statement with a quote from Eazy. To express a desire to be an example for others to learn from, identifying that valuable lesson as a positive by-product to such a tragic situation.

Read Vlad’s statement below.

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