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Eric Holder Being Held In Solitary Confinement On A $7 Million Bail

LAPD has captured Nipsey Hussle’s alleged murderer, Eric Holder. If convicted, Holder will be in prison for a very long time all by his lonesome because it is the world against him right now.

On April 2nd, the LAPD picked Holder - who goes by the street name, Shitty Cuz, up from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Station in Lakewood and transported him to South Los Angeles. He was cuffed by police and later ID’d by LAPD. He is currently being held in solitary confinement because the police believe his life is in danger and will be offed in jail.

Sources told TMZ, that the police refuse to allow him in general population because they believe he is a target, especially after the information and footage that has been circulating the internet. As we know, the streets were searching for him and had information on Holder before the cops really did anyhow. So the police were in a race to arrest him before someone on the street took him out. Sources state that Holder will remain in solitary confinement once he’s transferred to Los Angeles County Jail while awaiting trial

There is also no chance that he will be seeing the light of day before his trial due to the fact that the judge has set his bail early Wednesday morning at $7,040,000.

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