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Erica Mena and Safaree Are Collecting Big Coins For Their Big Day

Last night (December 28th), Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena took to Twitter to announce that her and her new found fiancé, Safaree have some exciting news following their recent engagement. Fans are still raving about the couple's quick engagement after fans just recently found out a couple of weeks prior that the two were dating. Although fans from the Love & Hip-Hop franchise know that the two have known each other for years due to the various reality shows the two have worked together on, and fans are extremely excited, it still came to everyone as a surprise at how fast the two are moving.

Following the extravagant and elaborate Christmas Eve proposal from Safaree, close sources state that Erica and Safaree will be securing the bag with their wedding. Since then, they have been receiving insane offers to live stream the event. KD McNair, a representative for Safaree, told TMZ ... "the couple has already received a $350,000 offer to live stream their nuptials!" Although the happy couple hasn't solidified anything, they are highly interested in filming their big day but want to weigh their other bidding options.

Collectively the two have decided that rather than a tv special, Safaree and Erica should live stream their wedding because they both have huge fan bases with very strong Instagram followings. Erica has 3.8 million IG followers and Safaree has 2.1 million totaling 5.9 million followers. That's not to mention their Twitter and Snapchat followers. They also love the idea of allowing fans and people to like and comment during the live stream. Although there currently isn't any information on the date, time, and place we will keep you updated as more info comes about! Congratulations to the newly engaged couple, we can already hear the sounds of wedding bells!

Check out Erica's Tweets below:

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