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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: Rudeboy Front Page Is Putting Connecticut On the Map

Hailing from Connecticut, rapper Front Page is giving Wyclef Jean vibes and we are here for it! Growing up, Page went back and forth between Hartford, Connecticut and London,England. Having Jamaican parents, he grew up listening to reggae at home while also acquiring a love of hip-hop.

Front Page’s sound originates from his bloodline and culture. Normally, his lyrical delivery consists of Hip-Hop and reggae, but at times he switches things up to create music for either genre separately. Shining light on bridging reggae with hip-hop, he has created a sub-genre called, “Rudeboyism”. He coined the phrase to describe his unique style of music: a combination of Golden Era lyricism, rude-boy flow, and refreshing charisma. His name paints the perfect imagery for his art, along with his unparalleled stage presence. Music is a conduit to express his views on various issues. Between the rhymes, topic selections and energy shown in his music, it’s clear as to why he named himself Front Page, he quotes:

“That’s why my name is Front Page you see the news paper it gives you a new issue daily.”

Not only is Front Page a lyricist , he’s an actor. Recently, you may have spotted him in independent films such as: “Triple R”, “Youth Motivational Speaker,” and “Product of Academia.” He also has been featured in HuffPost Black Voices Presents: BARS.

Currently, the Jamaican artist is working on a project that is set to launch in 2018. As Front Page continues to grow as an artist, he will display a new level of passion, creativity, and insight to the world as we know it. He has solidarity in his path, identity, and worldview and is ready to leave his mark.

Every Sunday, Front Page releases a freestyle and you can watch him showcase his dope lyricism in the 20 Year Jux Freestyle web-series, which was given praise by Hip Hop legend Treach of Naughty By Nature. Click the links below to hear him spit  dope rhymes over fire beats!

20 Year Jux Freestyle Episode 1

20 Year Jux Freestyle Ep. 2

20 Year Jux Freestyle Ep. 3

20 Year Jux Freestyle Ep. 4

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