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Fans Went 'Apeshit' To Visit The Louvre Museum In 2018 After The Carters Music Video

With The Carter’s co-sign, anything is possible! In 2018, Paris’ iconic tourist spot, The Louvre Museum, broke their ticket office record thanks to the hip-hop power couple. The Louvre Museum is one of the world’s most visited locations where tourists can view its Paris collection of fine arts and antiquities, and last year they had over 10 million visitors. The boost in visitors comes after Beyoncé and Jay-Z filmed the music video for their 2018 summer banger, “Apeshit.”

Praise to two of the biggest entertainers in the world using their cultural influence, creativity, and innovation, the famed French museum broke a new record! Their inspiration for the video, which dropped on June 16, 2018, was pitched a month prior in May when the couple visited the museum. Jay and Bey have visited no less than four times over the previous decade, but this time the couple pitched their high art-meets-hip hop visual concept and it easily won over the institution’s administration. Which now we see that the agreement paid off well for both parties involved. A month after the release of the ‘Apeshit’ visual, the museum utilized the clout of the celebrity endorsement and their predominantly large millennial audience to launch a 90-minute “Jay-Z and Beyoncé at the Louvre” tour in July.

The spike in visitors marked a 25% increase in entries with 10.2 million people to visit in 2018 beating out their previous record held of 9.7 million visitors in 2012. These are impressive numbers especially since after the Paris terrorists attacks in 2015. Almost three-quarters of foreigners make up the totaling number with the biggest number of foreign visitors being from the United States, and trailing right behind, China. These numbers come from the success of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s video for ‘Apeshit’ which was shot in the museum featuring key art pieces, including the Mona Lisa, Jacques-Louis David’s, The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of Empress Joséphine masterpieces.

The video was viewed more than 150 million times on YouTube showcasing the power in art, race, and unity. The Carters without realizing also created an opportunity for the Museum to incorporate their video within the museum’s tour by creating a “special visitor guide.” Congratulations to the Louvre Museum on their record breaking success, and to Jay and Bey on their continuous worldwide success and influence!

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