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GSET Hess Is Killing the Game As A Triple Threat

GSET Hess is what the industry would consider a triple threat. Combining his ability to not only rap and sing, but also successfully produce his own tracks. However, he doesn’t credit his love for music all to himself. He notes that his love for music was developed at a young age, specifically from his grandmother. She directed musicals professionally and played many instruments during his upbringing. He became mesmerized by her expertise and precision. Taking note of how she effortlessly drew her listeners in and kept them engaged.

In 2012, Hess attended and graduated from UCLA on a football scholarship. After trying out for several professional teams and coming up short each time, Hess decided to turn his love for music into a full time craft. With limited resources and connections in the music industry, Hess took a rather self sufficient approach to the game. He taught himself how to produce, knowing that being able to do more than just record music would be a lot more valuable in the long run.

By 2015, Hess was recording in professional environments deciding one year later to release his first project, “Greatest Story Ever Told” (GSET) in 2016. The debut project received nearly 6,000 streams in the first few weeks followed by “American Negus” in 2017, which received close to 10,000 streams.

When asked about his motivation to create music, Hess says quote:

“My motivation to start making music was basically to use it as an outlet to express myself. I always knew how to sing and rap my whole life but never thought about taking it seriously until my peers told me to pursue it once football didn’t work out for me. I didn’t know many people in the music industry so I started to do things on my own. I wanted my own sound so I learned how to make beats on my own. Then I learned how to engineer and was recording and mixing myself at home. After a year of doing that I networked enough to start getting in a real studio and recording higher quality music.”

With all of the great work so far I had to know .. What’s next? Hess mentioned his new EP “JUICE,” which is set to drop on all digital platforms come January 4, 2018. Besides the excitement of the actual track, Hess truly just wants his supporters to know that the project was completed all on his own saying quote:

“There’s No big time features on there just me showing my growth as an artist. My Motivation to continue is because I know I have the ability to carve me a spot in this hip hop industry, nothing happens overnight and nobody is a star from the very beginning of their career. But I’m here for the long run.”

GSET Hess continues to impress fans and leave his mark in the industry. With his grind and motivation fueling the passion, there’s no negating that the best is yet to come.

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Written by: @JocelynRivera & @MinneeTellsItAll

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