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Hot Off The Press — Make Up Sex By VIP the Artist

Bringing that Bronx boogy is VIP the Artist with ground breaking lyrics and lessons in each song. Drake, Fabulous and A-Boogie wit the Hoodie are just a few of his influences but it was ‪Bruno Mars‬ who told him to keep pursuing his dreams. In doing so, he is the CEO of his own rap label Touchtheskiesent along with CFO Rosemarie Arana partnered up with manager Kevin Webb and Webbmusicpro.

Back in July of 2016, he released his first project, “VIP the First Avenger.” November of the same year, he was featured as This Is 50 Artist of the Week. Last year though, his music made it to Power106.1 in San Diego and 99.5 in South Beach, Fl. His tracks “VIP the First Avenger”, “Like Bruce Leroy Glow” and “Black Coffee” are in high circulation and taking over the air waves. Though he’d accomplished a lot throughout 2016 and 2018, he released “Make Up Sex” on Valentine’s Day 2018.

VIP works with producers like Gorillaboybeats, TripleAbeats and Omitobeats and has been tearing up stages on the west coast to east coast and down south. He’s performed at the Barnyard in Cali, Great Wester Hall in NY and multiple venues in Florida.

He’s recently released his track “Swiper No Swiping” and is currently preparing for a performance for the A&R staff at Columbia Records next week. VIP the Artist is a seasoned performed that’s buzzing all over right now and tearing down the stages. He’s a force that can’t be reckoned with! Wishing him nothing but great success and many wins in 2018!

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