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Iggy Azalea Says Her Upcoming Project Is Her Best Work Yet

Iggy Azalea is coming back better than ever! Recently the Aussie rapper took to social media to express her excitement about her upcoming project.

According to Iggy, the forthcoming album will be her best work yet. As she humbly trashed her previous catalog to to hype her new music coming soon, she announces her collaboration with the industry’s hottest thriving producer, J White, which she calls a “dream duo.” She goes on to say,"F*ck. I’m really proud of my album. It shits on 95% of everything I’ve ever made & its only half done. #InMyDefense."

Influencing this new and improved Iggy and her creative flows is her relocation to Atlanta. She tweets about her new found inspiration and the struggles of her career being in Los Angeles. Azalea's admirers are just as excited about the new project as she is, and already fans have come to the conclusion about the title of the forthcoming project. There's no set timeline or release date says the "Kream" rapper, but it will be dropping this year!

Read her Iggy’s tweets below.

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