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J Boog Teases 'You Got Served 2' Coming Soon

Millennials worldwide, this is our year!

In the midst of all the excitement behind the reunion of B2K and their upcoming their upcoming 'The Millennium Tour,' fans get another major announcement. Today (January 14th) bandmate J Boog teases a second installment of the classic dance movie, “You Got Served.”

J Boog took to Instagram to tease the announcement by posting a short video clip. Boog posted up the video with the following caption, #houknew … y’all ain’t ready #yougotserved2.” Although it doesn’t disclose too much about the sequel to the dance battle drama, it provides enough to get us hype! Playing in the background of the 15-second clip is the original flick’s opening track “Drop” by Timbaland featuring Fat Man Scoop and Magoo. Towards the end, Steve Harvey is heard saying his infamous line “Seems to me like the money in the hat goes to…” ending with the words “You Got Served 2 Coming Soon” displayed across the screen.

Not only were they loved for their great music, amazing looks and dance moves but also their classic dance film. The 2004 film was written and directed by the group’s former manager, Chris Stokes. Starring all of the members of B2K as well as Marques Houston. We are not sure if the original cast will be featured in “You Got Served 2” but we are hopeful. It’s been confirmed that the second installment will be directed once again by Stokes but will be written by Dave Scott this time around. B2k continues to bring the excitement to millennials all over! Let’s do it for Lil’ Saint one last time!

Check out the teased announcement below:

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