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J. Cole Takes To Social Media To Announce That The Recording Sessions for 'ROTD 3' Are Done

At the top of the year, J. Cole “summoned” all of the Dreamville roster along with a number of lyrical heavy weights and talented individuals to partake in the Revenge Of The Dreamers III recordings sessions. The third installment of the compilation album is set to revive the label in the new year to take over hip-hop. The forthcoming project already has the potential to be bigger than Hip-Hop just based off the creativity, lyrical influences, and musical masterminds behind it.

Last year Dreamville stayed low key and moved strategically with a couple of Cole features and projects from signees Bas and J.I.D. In 2019 though, Cole’s record label seems to be coming in hot and gearing up for the limitless roll out of dope content! Now it’s time for Dreamville to take back the throne as they have just revealed the conclusion on ‘ROTD3.’ If the project is as amazing as we can imagine, then be prepared for Dreamville to be the label to beat! The Dreamville creator took to social media to express his excitement and joy about wrapping up the compilation. To complete the album, all that’s left is to mix and master the album but music heads know that can be the most strenuous and longest part of the process.

Considering there are so many musical geniuses behind this project, hopefully Revenge Of The Dreamers III will be touching down sooner than later and we get to experience the magic.

Check out J. Cole’s heartfelt tweet below.

The list of CONFIRMED artists & producers so far.

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