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Ja Rule Defends Himself On Twitter Following Backlash From 'Fyre Fraud' Documentary

Ja Rule isn’t here for the Hulu, Netflix,or Billy McFarland. Ja Rule insists that he was conned out of money just like everyone else, and would never con anyone out of anything. Following the release of two documentaries being hosted on streaming services Hulu and Netflix, Ja is feeling some type of way and is voicing his side of the story.

Back in 2017, Ja Rule was involved with the start up and promoting of the failed Fyre Festival. Following the constant backlash and open investigation, Ja Rule has steered away from the negative publicity. Now, the former Murder Inc emcee is claiming that the creators of the Hulu special “Fyre Fraud” paid the festival organizer and Ja Rule’s former partner to appear in the documentary.

It’s looked down upon for participants who are apart of outlets who are curating a documentary to be paid to make an appearance. Ja Rule says Hulu did just that though. So that they can gather as much information as possible from McFarland after his six year sentencing for wire fraud that began in October of last year.

Rule takes to Twitter to defend himself and states that he has never received a cent from the cancelled festival that promised A-list acts, luxury and fun in the sun on a Bahamian island. Those who purchased tickets and paid thousands of dollars, arrived to a limited amount of tents, tractor trailers, set up stations, a large quantity of booze and unappealing food. After realizing this type of event needed more than 5-6 months preparation, the festival was cancelled with a number of lawsuits as the outcome. The New York rapper claims he and everyone else who participated or purchased tickets were victims to Billy’s scandal. Just in time for tax season, Ja Rule says he’s pulling receipts to prove it!

Read Ja Rule’s tweets below.

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