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Jaden Removes “Smith” From His Stage Name

It looks like Jaden has decided to remove himself from his father’s shadow and drop “Smith” from his stage name. Growing up in the spotlight because of his father and mother’s success, made it easy for Jaden to be introduced to the masses and become a household name. Some may believe it to be beneficial but for those in that position they usually perceive it in a different light.

Some people view Jaden as “Will Smith’s son” and he wants to try and avoid that, not because he isn’t proud of where he comes from, but more so that he can create his own identity for himself outside of his family’s name. As the first step in doing so, Jaden has decided to drop his last name from his stage moniker on all streaming platforms and officially adopt only his first name.

Jaden has already switched his identity on all streaming services, YouTube, Spotify, and more. Since the start of his professional career, Jaden has been known as “Jaden Smith” but now it appears he is in the midst of an identity crisis and switching things up by taking the Madonna approach. I mean, most child stars do a name change when they hit a certain age. If you type “Jaden” in your search bar on Google, Tidal, YouTube, or elsewhere, he’s still the first thing to pop up so it’s clear it won’t negatively affect him.

Do you think the name change is a good look? Take a look at his latest single below.

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