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John Singleton Passed Away With A Will Made Up Of $35 Million Which His Mother Has Possession Over

As we recently reported, acclaimed filmmaker John Singleton passed away and before doing so, he has a plan in place for his death. According to TMZ, Singleton left behind a will which led to the eruption of a family war all while he was fighting for his life in the hospital.

John’s mother, Sheila Ward, was in possession of the will and testament along with handling all of John’s business affairs and assets while he was mentally incapacitated. Last week, one of John’s seven children, Cleopatra accused Sheila of trying to gather all of his assets and business affairs while trying to finesse and coerce the kids out of everything. The family feud between Cleopatra and her grandmother after Sheila filed legal docs last week to get a temporary conservatorship while John was unable to make decisions without speaking with the rest of the family. The legal fight ended when John passed.

If the famed director had died without a will, Sheila would get nothing from his reported $35 million estate, because under California law the assets would be divided equally among his 7 children. But, since there's a will, John decides who gets what, and who gets nothing. Unfortunately, given the business relationship between John and his mother Sheila, it's a safe bet she's the executor of the will, which surely would not sit well with Cleopatra.

It’s still unclear as to when John signed off on the will, but there’s no doubt that someone will try and fight that that the will should be invalid because of undue influence or mental incapacity. There’s $35 million dollars and a family bond on the line, a similar situation happened when Michael Jackson passed away and most of these challenges fail.

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