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Jordyn Woods Is Breaking Her Silence But It May Be Violating The Kardashians NDA

Yikes looks like Jordyn Woods may have gotten herself into some more hot water with the Kardashians. Yesterday (February 26th), we reported that Jordyn was going to be featured on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s show “Red Table Talk” to tell her side of the story which is airing Friday.

The only issue is, if Jordyn spills too much Kardashian tea, that could go against the non-disclosure agreement that she signed with the famous family promising not to discuss any information. Years ago before starring on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Woods signed a NDA agreeing to not disclose any details regarding Kylie, Kris, Khloe or any other family member.

Tuesday afternoon, Jordyn took to her Instagram live to tease her upcoming Friday appearance on Jada’s “Red Table Talk” considering Jada is like an auntie to her. Although it’s unclear what was said on the show as of yet, sources say that the purpose of the conversation was Jada wanted to give Jordyn a platform to tell her side of the story. Jada's intention was "to create a healing between Jordyn and Khloe."

Tune into Red Table Talk, Friday for the full sit down.

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