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Jussie Smollett Is Getting Cut From Empire Following Alleged Staged Attack

Yikes, looks like it’s over for Jamal Lyons. At the height of all the buzz surrounding Jussie Smollett and the continuous developing story and investigation about the alleged staged “attack,” it seems as though his Empire screen time has come to an end.

FOX production sources tell TMZ that he had many shots for second to last episode including 9 scenes and a big musical number that is currently being shot, but have since been cut. For the remaining four scenes he is no longer the focus and instead they are replacing him with his fellow cast members. With all the negative publicity surrounding him at the moment regarding the Chicago incident earlier in the year, Jussie will be spending less time on set. Instead of working everyday of this week, sources say he will only be working possibly Thursday and Friday, and that he will not be rehearsing.

Unfortunately, if Jussie will not be on set that means less work for him and more work for the writers because they now have to make edits and rewrite the script. In the last 24 hours the script has undergone multiple revisions. One cast member has cost an entire cast a season of headache and turmoil. Due to further investigation recent reports have broken news that Jussie’s case is possibly heading to Grand Jury as early as next week that can lead to a felony indictment against the actor for allegedly filing a false police report. It’s truly unfortunate the setback that this whole situation that this has caused not only for Jussie but for the community as a whole.

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