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Kanye West Responds To Drake About Following His Wife, Kim Kardashian on Instagram

It looks as though the beef between hip-hop emcees Kanye West and Drake isn’t coming to a “Kumbaya” moment anytime soon. Earlier today (December 29th), the Chicago lyricist and producer took to his Twitter to respond to Drake following his wife, Kim Kardashian, again back in September.

Back in 2010 is when their beef began, since then, disses have been thrown back and forth through interviews, songs, and social media. Things really heated up between Drake and Ye when Drizzy suspected Kanye of disclosing information about his then secret son, Adonis, to rapper Pusha T who then went on to spit that information out in a track. Following that, Drake used his feature with French Montana for “No Stylist” to drag Kanye’s Yeezy 350 sneakers.

All of that is bringing more attention to the current contentious Twitter feud that now involves Ye’s wife, Kim Kardashian that began on December 13th. On December 13th, Kanye shared a screenshot of text messages between the two where Drake asks to get clearance to re-release ‘Say What’s Real” which features a Kanye sample for his upcoming project.

Now that you have an overall idea of what’s been fueling between the two, today is the first time Kanye knows about Drake following his wife back in September. After finding out Ye tweets out:

It seems as though since his minor rant, Ye has removed those previous tweets to clear the negativity off of his timeline. He has then tweeted: “All positive vibes.” Hopefully these two musically inclined artists can leave their drama in 2018 and start the new year off with a clean slate. I mean, the fans would love to get a collab from Drake and Kanye in 2019.

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