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Kelly Rowland Set To Play Gladys Knight in New BET Series 'American Soul'

Its official, Kelly Rowland will be making her debut as Gladys Knight in new BET series ‘American Soul.’ The new series will feature some of today’s biggest stars to play as legends who helped and influenced the startup of Soul Train and the true story behind it’s creator Don Cornelius. Last year, Gladys Knight suggested that the Destiny’s Child songstress play her in the new show. Kelly was honored and shared her thoughts on the opportunity.

“Playing Gladys on this series, one, is an honor because she has been in the game for so long…She still has so much grace, so much class, so much love for music. She still sings like she just started yesterday … she was the first artist to perform on Soul Train.”

Kelly will be performing three songs by the icon, “Friendship Train,” “Neither One of Us” and “Midnight Train to Georgia” throughout the series. As grateful and excited as Rowland is at taking on this iconic role, she admits to having difficulties hitting Gladys’ signature raspy notes. She goes on to discuss different ways she’s tried to get those infamous tones:

“I’m looking at her hands and even the way she moves her mouth when she sings, and I have literally tried to get her rasp as much as I could. I only have a little, but I have screamed outside in a field, I have done this to try to get her raspy voice, I have downed a shot of whiskey to get her voice, it didn’t work.”

The talented singer-songwriter hands down makes for a great Gladys and we know with Kelly’s patience, dedication, and determination, she will have those vocals down packed! We can’t wait to see Kelly Rowland blow her fans away as the soul legend, Gladys in the new BET series. American Soul will premiere Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 9 p.m. ET on BET.

Watch the video below as Kelly Rowland discusses playing Gladys Knight.

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