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Lady Gaga Apologizes For R. Kelly Collaboration and Pledges To Remove 'Do What U Want(With My Body)'

Lady Gaga must have either caught up on the Lifetime docu-series, ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ that has the world talking or all of the backlash she received from her silence has pushed the singer to speak up on the allegations. Earlier in the week, the docuseries producer called out a number of celebrities and those who refused to appear in the documentary to speak out against R. Kelly. Amongst those stars was Gaga. She again was dragged over the weekend for a resurfaced video of herself and R. Kelly performing in 2013 and a later post praising him on social media in 2014.

The “A Star Is Born” actress apologized to fans late Wednesday(January 9th) evening. She vowed to remove the “Do What U Want (With My Body)” record that she collaborated with R. Kelly on from all platforms in support of the women who have spoken out against Kelly. She acknowledges her “poor judgement” when she was young and stands with the accusers and women who are victims of sexual assault.

After pledging to remove the song of all platforms in her apology note, fans are getting their one last chance to listen and in doing so the ‘ARTPOP’ adored single has stormed up the iTunes charts entering the Top 50, and currently is sitting at #37. Fans stan with Gaga they ask that she at least replace the R. Kelly version with the Christina Aguilera duet. The Xtina version has since boosted up the charts since the announcement.

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