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Mac Fame Talks New EP Coming February 2018

As 90s babies most of us can relate when it comes to Hip-Hop. Although we all didn’t get to see the industry legends’ at the height of their career, we did witness the their greatness at some point. Their lyricism. Their story telling techniques. Their craft. Three reasons why 90s babies miss 90s Hip-Hop. While this is true, as millennials we always look ahead of the game. Creating this generation of artists like Mac Fame who transform artistically to bridge the generational gap.

According to Los Angeles rapper Mac Fame, you have two choices: find a way or make one.
To Fame, Its about mixing the old with the new. Taking the music and sound that people loved from the past and making them new for a younger audience. Music is more than just witty punch lines and a hot beat. It’s about the lyrics, the story it tells and how it makes you feel. Causing a disconnect making it difficult for aspiring artist who are trying to bridge the gap between genuine dope lyricism and mass commercial appeal. Fame makes it look easy though. By taking the classic metaphors and lyricism of the 90s and mixing it with a catchy phrase or hook with a smooth laid back sound. Feeling most at peace with himself when in front of a microphone the San Fran native left the violence of the West in exchange for a college education in the South.

Fame intends on merging lyrical content of the old with the commercial success of the new. It’s genuinely all about the music for him. Fame is here to prove that the music truly can speak for itself. He states.

“Music is a form of expression and everyone has an opinion. I dont need to hype my music up, it just needs to be heard.”

Check out the written interview below with the San Francisco lyricist, Mac Fame to find out more.


What made you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

— “I fell in love with hip hop the moment I realized it made ME happy. No matter the time, place, or current state of mind, hip hop music always made me happy.”

• Who inspired you to get into music? 

— “I would have to say Ludacirs single handily inspired me to pick up a pen. The first time I saw him on BET’s Rap City Tha Basement get in the booth and destroy it, It was almost an instant “I want to do this too”.

• Who’s your Top 5 of all time?

— “My top 5 all time? No particular order, Pac, Biggie, Jada Kiss‪, Ludacris, Jay-Z. “‬

Who’s your Top 3 artist who are currently hot right now?

— “Top 3 Now? No Particular order, Migos,‪Rick Ross‬, Ty $.”

What inspired the meaning of the abbreviated M.A.C ?

— “The M.A.C just comes from my ability to communicate with a wide range of people. Ive always had a “Mouthpiece” so speaking to people has always been a easy and comfortable situation for me. I would say I’ve (M)astered the (A)rt of (C)communication.”

Your track “Hip-Hop Birthed Me” is dope and has an authentic east coast hip hop beat, considering you reside in L.A. what made you choose that beat instead of a more west coast sound? 

— “Hahaha I completely forgot the OG Mo Bee did that track lol. A good friend of mine in Houston was putting together a project of artist over classic hip hop beats, he asked that i do that Tupac track, so I was like “cool, its a pac track, I got that”..long story short the project getting scrapped, and I and those i had had let hear it at this point, all liked the song, So I dropped it. why not.”

When can we expect ‘MACnificent‘ to drop? 

— “MACnificent is dropping February as of now.”

How long have you been rapping?

— “When did luda go on The basement again? 2000? 2001? lol”

Did you move to L.A. to further pursue your music? 

— “That was part of the reason.”

In what way has your newer music differ from when you first started? 

— “I am a student of hip hop, so i am constantly learning, and that allows me to constantly evolve in hip hop. Also, I have evolved a lot as a man, as a person, and such has allowed me to mature as an artist. The people I have the opportunity to be mentored by now, are completely different from the people I was around when I first started.”

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