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Miami’s Own Arii Grove Uses His Melodic Sound to Entertain the People

Miami artist, Arii Grove, has a melodic style that likens him to eclectic creatives like ‪Frank Ocean‬ and ‪Kanye West‬. Arii wants to entertain people with his music and has been working on his dream ever since he was a little kid. Arii writes his lyrics, but also produces and engineers his own beats which start with his signature whistle.

The 305 based artist has preformed on the West coast at the Heretic house in Portland and has worked with Commplexx, Tone Lo, No.horizon, son*tavo and more. Arii Grove is building a massive fan base with tracks he’s released on and off of SoundCloud. Although currently he doesn’t have tracks posted, at the beginning of 2018 he plans to release a song every week for sixteen weeks.

After a month of pouring everything into his track, he put it out. His most recent single, “Dangerous” was a strike of inspiration while hanging out with friends and since has generated buzz. Stay tuned for the remix coming soon!



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