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Netflix Unveils 'HΘMΣCΘMING' Could This Be Beyoncé's Coachella Documentary?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

WORLD STOP! The Queen Bey is coming…

Beyoncé is reportedly working on a new project — not necessarily an entire project, but a few tracks for a deluxe album filled with old songs, told by a source from US Weekly.

The insider also mentioned that Bey is also working on a Netflix documentary that is tied to her 2018 Coachella performance that will include additional footage. Today (April 7th), Netflix took to Twitter to unveil cover art that reads “Homecoming” with Greek letters mixed in between letters. At first you might think "well, that must be an ad for a show they have coming that week", but you'll find out that Netflix has no show called “Homecoming” in the works. However, earlier this week news came out that Beyonce was working on new endeavors, including new music and a Netflix documentary about her performance at Coachella which focused on the HBCU experience including Greek life with a Beyoncé inspired co-ed fraternity paired with a hell of a performance!

That performance sure was homecoming themed! The documentary was initially set to be released in summer, but if we are to believe this post, it would actually be dropping in 10 days. What makes all this better is that, we might get new music with it!

The "APESH**T" songstress has a lot in store for her fans and the beyhive this coming summer. In addition to her reported "deluxe album" and Netflix special, she's additionally gearing up for the July release of Disney’s The Lion King remake, in which she voices Nala. Stay tuned!

Are you ready for the new coming of the queen era?

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