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New Brooklyn Artist Isaiah Write is Dropping Heat!

There’s a lit new sound coming out of Brooklyn and his name is Isaiah Write. He has a new project coming out at the top of December called “Neighborhood Watch,” but he already has a few records gaining traction in those Brooklyn streets.

Isaiah Write is a versatile artist that draws inspiration from many different artists like Notorious B.I.G., Young Thug, and Drake. He makes trap records, records that have a “softer” trap sound, similar to Lil Uzi Vert, and other songs that he describes as “Soundcloud rap”. Not only does he make these different type of rap records, but his latest release shows the R&B  side of Isaiah Write. This new record called “My Favorite Disappointment” features Write singing in a PnB Rock like style.

Write isn’t the only heat dropping out of Brooklyn, his whole crew Blocc6 is shaking up the city with that heavy trap sound. Their records like “Lucxy Demons” and “Come Out” have 4.2k views, and 1.5k views respectively.

The project “Neighborhood Watch” is about the things that Write has been going through in his life, and the people he’s met along the way. He’s got a few club bangers on the project like his single “Sixty Shooters,” a catchy tune that’s sure to make you bust a dance move. This record caught the eye of DJ Boy Wonda who was the first to post about the video. This project is full of energy, so look out for “Neighborhood Watch” dropping December 10!

Be sure to follow Isaiah Write on IG @upmagteddy!

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