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New Tupac Summer Apparel Line Dropping!

Long Live the Poetic Lyricist.

According to the official 2Pac Shop, they have included some new additions to their inventory. As Tupac Shakur’s legacy continues to live on and the impact of the legendary West Coast rapper continues to be felt, it’s only right that his fans make sure that it is by representing accordingly.

In doing so, the official store of the late rapper has added some new threads to their shop. Today (July 8th), they announce a new summer line which will honor his iconic discography. Shirts and sweaters will be focused around Me Against The World, "Hail Mary," "Ghetto Gospel," and a more straightforward yet simplified design of Pac's face. Each design from the bulk collection will be made up of a "washed" effect, providing a vintage, faded look to each piece.

Here’s a sneak peek to the collection, take a look below.

Interested in copping some 2Pac merch? If so, you can check out each of the new drops right HERE. Prices vary, ranging from $35.00 for the tees and $75 for the sweaters. Should you be interested in purchasing some Pac merch, be sure to expect a short wait in shipping - times ranging between four and five weeks.

Be sure to reflect on one of hip-hop's abiding icons. Rest in peace, Tupac Shakur.

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