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Nipsey Hussle Was Helping A Friend Who Was Recently Released From Prison When He Was Murdered

Being a benefactor and sweet soul that he was, Nipsey Hussle was in the midst of doing a good deed right before he was gunned down in front of his own storefront. He was trying to help an old friend get back on his feet who had recently been released from prison after doing a 20 year stint.

Sources connected to Nip say, the reason as to why he has went to his Marathon Clothing store that day was because he was trying to hook up his ex con friend with some new swag so he could look presentable when meeting back up with his family and friends later that day.

Reports also say that unfortunately, Nipsey didn’t notify his team or his primary security guard that he’d be going to his story by himself. No one in his camp was aware that he had left his home, It was spur of the moment. A friend of Nipsey’s was one of the other two people who were injured in Sunday’s shooting. The third person, was the friend’s nephew, who drove Nip to Marathon Clothing.

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