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Omarion Sits With Raquel Harper and Talks Upcoming Tour and the Dating Rumors of Apryl and Fizz

This week’s trending topic goes to the “bro code.” For the last couple of days, fans have been living on the high of B2K being reunited along with Omarion and his baby mama drama with band mate Lil’ Fizz. This comes after Fizz and Apryl Jones were spotted bringing in the new year snuggling up with one another, creating speculation over their “friendship.” Because of this, many fans have been concerned about the fate of the upcoming “Millennium Tour” following the rumors about his ex hooking up with his group member. According to O, he isn’t losing any sleep over the thought of his ex and mother of his children, Apryl, rumored to be dating his band mate and friend Fizz. Omarion goes on to say:

“At the end of the day, you know, good, bad, or indifferent, she’s still the mother of my children. People go through things, and people have a difference in opinion. That’s fine.”

During a sit down with TMZ’s Raquel Harper for Tuesday’s (January 8th) episode of “Raq Rants” on BET, Omarion says he isn’t interested or involved with Apryl’s love life. She’s free to do whatever it is she pleases as long as this new sparked love affair doesn’t intervene with the gentlemen and their B2K reunion tour.

Although Apryl and Fizz claim that they are only friends, Apryl claims she will be at the concert and O continues to say, “She can do whatever she wants to do. She’s a grown woman.” As long as their companionship doesn’t cause any drama or embarrassment for the ‘Love & Hip Hop:Hollywood’ stars during their “Millennium Tour,” Omarion is not worried about it. Fans on the other hand weight in on the situationship… take a look below as the staff of MTIA went comment creepin'...

Watch the full interview for "Raq Rants" featuring Omarion tonight at 11 PM on BET.

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