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Orlando's Rap Duo Onajidox Is Blending Hip-Hop & Japanese Anime

Hailing from the amusement capital of the world is Orlando rap duo, Onajidox. The two best friends, Tony and Aris, linked up  in high school and originally were in a group but things just didn’t work out. They decided to team up after Aris came along to sing a hook.The two vibed during the process and admired each other’s craft and friendship.

Their common interest in action anime and anything Japanese influenced the group’s name. The two share the same vision when it comes to their goal in hip-hop. In Japanese, Onaji means same and the duo uses the meaning to express the mission that they are on to get to where they want to be through their music. Dox is the abbreviated version of paradox; the duos individual sounds come together in harmony through their music, which creates The Onaji Paradox – Onajidox.

Tony’s lyricism is influenced by growing up listening to lyricists like Big Sean, Lil Wayne, and Meek Mill. Whereas Aris’ sound was influenced by J. Cole, Bryson Tiller, A Boogie, Drake, and 6lack. The duo share a love for hip-hop for different reasons. Tony experienced hip-hop all throughout his childhood. He grew up watching his father, a local disc jockey, DJ Tony Star, practice his craft. Aris’ first encounter with hip-hop was when he listening to Eminem and ever since he’s been in in love with the genre.

Last year, Onajidox opened up for XXL Freshman, Kap G in front of a packed venue during the ‘Supejefe Tour.’ Earlier this year in February, the duo released their first EP titled, Rivals. The production and curation of the entire project took about 3 days. The duo is currently working on a few singles that are expected to drop this summer.

Onajidox is switching things up by bringing back rap duos and what’s even more dope is the fact that they are putting Hip Hop Orlando artists on the map. Keep an eye out because you’ll be seeing more of Onajidox, they’re making moves in the south and they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

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