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Qualhata Pulls Up To KayGod Magazine's Magazine Launch For Their "GUMBO" Issue

This past Sunday, August 26th, Qualhata put on for The New MVMT at KayGod Magazine’s 2nd Summer Annual Magazine launch where creatives and influencers from all over the Tri-State met up. KayGod Magazine is a journalized blend of underground and mainstream fashion, art, and music.

While there, Qualhata spoke with upcoming designer KayGod and influencers Rooben Pierre Louis, Tariq Walsh, and Leshawn Bridgewater. The event was a celebration of their second print issue, “Gumbo!” The published event was held in SoHo, New York featuring many upcoming creatives from the Tri-State area such as: magazine executives, journalists, press, media outlets, professional models, professional photographers, music artists, stylists, brand representatives, designers, and more.

Check out the interviews below.

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