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R. Kelly Is Spotted Performing and Celebrating His Birthday In Chicago Nightclub

In the midst of an open investigation and following the allegations presented on Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R, Kelly,’ the R&B singer has been spotted stepping out for a night of fun. R. Kelly seems unbothered by all of the allegations of sexual assault made against him by multiple women. Instead, he’s seen performing several of his songs to a packed room at a Chicago nightclub called V75. This most likely comes after visiting the Chi-town studio that he is being evicted from after the release of the six-part docuseries where women discuss being kept against their will in both Chicago and Atlanta.

Later in the night, there are video clips captured of Kelly performing his singles to what appears to be excited fans singing along. As crazy as it sounds, Kelly still has the support of his fans as they are surrounding him, gassing him up as he begins to sing the intro of “Bump N Grind.” Kelly is rocking a fur coat with a red baseball cap and sunglasses as he celebrates his 52nd birthday. In another video he’s performing “Bump N Grind” and heard yelling,

"I don't want to hurt nobody, but there's something that I must confess" -- while telling the crowd, "Somebody make some motherf**king noise."

"Y'all motherf**kers don't know. It's my motherf**king birthday and I don't give a f**k what's going on tonight."

Watch the videos posted by club goers below.

Party goers who are in the club that night took every moment to film R. Kelly and share it with social media. Not only to show that R. Kelly isn’t losing any sleep over all of the horrifying stories circulating about him but to share their disgust and hopefully get the Chicago Police Department to lock him up. Following his performance and celebration at the Chicago nightclub, the police pop up on the scene to confront Kelly as he leaves. The CPD confront Kelly in response to a call they received where someone dropped the dime on R. Kelly about an arrest warrant, where he was and what he was doing. Unfortunately there wasn’t an actual warrant out for his arrest so although they responded and contacted R. Kelly, they were unable to bring him in.

Take a listen to the police dispatcher putting the call out to Chicago PD units.

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