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Ray J Is The Latest Celebrity To Join The Cannabiz

Ray J is following suit as the latest celebrity to join the cannabiz after announcing his plans to open his own cannabis company offering his own joints, “Ray Jay’s.”

Consisting of some of the best growth experts to brand and market the business and product that money can buy; the “One Wish” hitmaker has already dropped $5 million into the launch of his new cannabis company. According to Ray's manager, David Weintraub, the company aims to focus on non-traditional marketing strategies in media, music and entertainment.

William Ray LA, Ray J’s new business venture, will kick off by offering pre-rolled joints named after himself. His company will also offer services to other cannabis companies who want to expand their reach. From the looks of it, Ray plans to expand throughout the country and it seems, he's been teasing such a move for a while on Instagram.

In the video below, Ray is surrounded by marijuana plants as he talks about his new venture, "I'm so honored and happy to be here.”


He continues in a video of him jet setting…

“Been working on deal for a year now!! Stayed up for days at a time getting work done! That’s why I look hella tired all the time! But It’s about to finally be official this week!!"

It’s still unclear when Ray’s products will be on the market, but when they do - that Ray J and Mary Jane collaboration will be one we are here for!

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