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RCA Has Paused All Efforts For R. Kelly Following Backlash

Looks like all of the protests, campaigns, petitions, and backlash has caught up with R. Kelly and his team, not only hurting their pride but their pockets too. Reports say that the infamous music record label, RCA, has put a hold on the assistance of their team towards the creative process and financial efforts for any new releases from the “Pied Piper of R&B.’ For the last couple of weeks, organizations and individual activists such as #MuteRKelly and The Color Of Change have contacted the label asking for him to be removed from their roster.

Sources also say that the 52-year old singer-songwriter is upset that the label has decided to hold back finances and access to produce more music and film content for new music videos and such. Especially since Kells states he has been recording new music to fulfill his obligation to put out two more albums within his contract with RCA Records/Sony Music. R. Kelly is really starting to feel the heat since the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ docu-series has been aired with horrifying allegations from family members, former associates, and victims. He has experienced an extreme decrease in radioplay, warrants, seized property, and more.

Both the label and R. Kelly are in a tough spot. The label can be sued for not fulfilling their part of the contract if they decide to remove him without him facing any criminal charges as of yet, which R. Kelly has already shown frustration about. On the other hand though, R. Kelly says he wants out if the label turns their back on him too, so hopefully they both can come to a mutual agreement. Either way it seems R. Kelly will continue dropping music since he’s been releasing new content via SoundCloud for a minute now… Stay tuned!

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