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Reseller Calls Out A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie For Scamming Him For $10K Worth Of Sneakers


It appears that the multimillionaire rapper, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, is being called out on Twitter! Apparently, A Boogie and his assistant scammed a reseller out of $10k worth of fresh kicks. Through a string of tweets, the reseller describes how the exchange went down and feels he is doing an injustice if he doesn't speak out on the situation.

The reseller took to Twitter to describe the situation and pulled receipts of their conversations and FaceTimes just in time for tax season.

The 'Drowning' rapper's assistant, Sal, had the reseller drive to his home in New Jersey to drop off 50 pairs of sneakers, but when he arrives, A Boogie and Sal tell him that he'd pay him "later." Shortly after, the emcee is seen rocking the kicks. After ducking the reseller repeatedly, A Boogie still doesn't pay up even though he is aware of the situation. A Boogie is known to be fashionable and a sneakerhead, he was just recently on an episode of the new Netflix series, "Droppin' Cash." With the money we seen him drop on retail on the show, it's sad to see that he won't drop duckets on kicks he made an agreement for.

If this is true, not only is the reseller out of 50 pairs of sneakers, he is also out $10,000. The reseller’s Twitter account has since been made private, but you can catch up on all the madness through screenshots we got.

We have reached out to gather more details!


Earlier today, we reported a reseller by the name of Boro claiming that he was scammed by the "Drowning" emcee, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and his assistant, Sal. Since, A Boogie has taken to social media to clear his name.

A Boogie has stepped into his Instagram stories to defend himself and tell his side of the story. According to the NY emcee, he didn't scam anyone because he was not aware of exchange and feels some type of way that he was blasted by Boro all throughout social media. Boogie also goes on to say, he has since fired Sal after hearing about the alleged scam and is willing to meet up with Boro in NYC next week to pay him for his goods. Under one condition though, if Boro is a willing participant and if he apologizes to A Boogie and clarifies the rappers innocence in this whole mishap. Do you think A Boogie is wrong for asking for an apology and should Boro apologize for calling him out?

Check out A Boogie's IG Story below.

Check out the Tweets Below.

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