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Rihanna Is Being Looked At By Warner Bros. To Play Poison Ivy

RiRi Might Be DCEU’s Poison Ivy In Batman’s Next Film And We Need It To Happen!

The DC cineverse is heading in a very exciting direction. Sources say Warnes Bros. is eyeing Rihanna for the coveted role. Although she's one of many on the company's wishlist, the film company is strongly looking at Rihanna to take on the character. Poison Ivy is set to make an appearance in the Dark Knight’s next film alongside Robert Pattinson as Batman. This exciting news has already sent Twitter into a bit of frenzy with fans sharing edited images of Rihanna looking like Poison Ivy.

It was 1997’s “Batman & Robin” when Poison Ivy made her last theatrical appearance where Uma Thurman crushed the iconic role. Recently, DC has been making major power moves regarding women. Just last year, we saw DC comics’ biggest female superhero Gal Gadot’s, Wonder Woman, debut in a standalone film and we can’t forget about Margot Robbie’s greatly embodied Harley Quinn in the 2016 Suicide Squad.

The women of the comicverse, particularly the delightful part hero - part villainous characters are heading into the spotlight with Harley Quinn spin-off, Birds of Prey set to release in 2020. Now is the most perfect time to reintroduce Poison Ivy to the franchise, especially played by Bad Gal RiRi. This news comes after Disney announced Halle Bailey, half of the sister duo Chloe x Halle, to be casted in their live-action remake of the 1989 animated film, The Little Mermaid.

The announcement marked the first time Disney had casted a woman of color in the role of a traditionally white princess for one of its live-action remakes. It seems as though, DC, owned by Time Warner, the parent company of Warner Bros., is following in the footsteps to change the precedent within entertainment.

No speculation is complete without brilliant casting ideas and so, DC’s unofficial casting directors went about the business of picking a face for the role. The most popular opinion seems to be Barbadian singer, songwriter, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress and philanthropist, Rihanna. I mean, it only makes sense since she is closely affiliated with Birds of Prey, Injustice League and S.T.A.R Labs. She’s not shy of the camera or new to the big screen! This is probably the best idea and we absolutely need it to happen.

Are y’all here for this?! Check out Rihanna’s teaser on social media.

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